Nowland Guitars feature several unique design elements allowing the musician important set-up and tonal options.

  1. Nowland Guitars feature a very strong and stable neck joint. It's easily adjustable for both angle and height above the guitar's top giving the musician important set-up and tonal options.

  2. A double saddle bridge designed to utilize a presaddle close to the bridge pins to support the strings properly at an optimal angle and to provide unique additional string energy transfer through the bridge. This presaddle can also be changed out with various materials for further tonal options.

Soundboard Bracing

Nowland Guitars employ three main soundboard bracing designs called "Controlled Radial Resonance Output" or CRRO bracing. This design gives the top great strength and stability yet allows the top to freely respond to the energy received from the strings.

This bracing, along with other design elements, gives the Nowland Guitars their incredibly even and penetratingly full, warm, and open tonal qualities.

Neck Joint

Nowland Neck Joint

Neck Joint