Billy Currington plays Nowland Mahogany Top Fat Smooch on Letterman.

August 18, 2009, One of Country music's hottest artists, his hit single People Are Crazy at #1 on the charts and the most played song on country radio this year. Billy Currington on Late Night with David Letterman is playing one of Joel Nowland's unique Mahogany topped models. A Fat Smooch with Rosewood back and sides, with a highly grained genuine Mahogany top, a cut away with a 12 fret neck to body joint and slot peghead. This unique combination of tone woods produces a guitar that has a nice pronounced high end with a more rounded tone. The bass response is tight and clear with great note separation and balance. A great recording and song writing guitar with a bit of a growl and kick of from the rosewood body.

We are delighted that Billy Currington and his guitar player Doug Collins, who plays a Nowland T-Dread with Red Spruce top and 200 year old White English Oak back and sides have chosen to play Nowland guitars.

Click Here to see Billy Currington on Late Night with David Letterman playing People are Crazy.
Billy Currington Guitar