Joel Nowland built his first guitar in 1990 while designing and building unique custom furniture, restoring antiques, and studying graphic design in college. After winning the top award in the Design In Wood Show at the Southern California Exposition and watching a TV program on building stringed instruments, Joel decided to pursue a long time desire to build an acoustic guitar. With the aid of books from the library he completed his first guitar, and soon another then another. He was hooked.

In the years to come Joel would feel the same desire for artistry and innovation in guitar building as he did for his furniture design and building.

After building about thirty guitars Joel realized a need for and envisioned improving the neck and neck-to-body joint designs.

His efforts were rewarded. All Nowland guitars feature a very strong and stable center laminated, opposing grain, easily adjustable for angle and height above the guitar’s top,and easily removable “Tone-Tunable” neck design.

After building about one-hundred guitars Joel, with input from Lynn Wheelwright, carefully designed and implemented what he considers very important improvements on other design elements such as the back and soundboard bracing and bridge design. Each of these Innovations gives musicians the ability to customize each guitar to fit their individual needs.

Nowland guitars feature three unique and advanced soundboard bracing patterns which are very strong, yet allowing the top to respond freely to the energy received from the strings.

Joel’s love of working with the finest tonewoods from around the world and his passion for his craft have become a lifelong pursuit as he has patiently refined his craftsmanship and knowledge of fine woodworking over twenty-five years and the fine art of lutherie over the past eighteen years.

Joel Nowland